About Us

I love fashion, styles and makeup. It’s my passion, and after starting out in the Bollywood film industry 8 years ago (Aap Ki Khatir) with the help of my husband, I moved into fashion stores, beauty and advertising where I have become known for my attention to finite detail and my ability to produce flawless complexions to create the natural look.

I’ve worked on numerous worldwide brands such as Nokia, Hyundai and Yoga Magazine.

The thing that I love most about my job is connecting with people and creating a look that’s right for them and that fits their brief too. I love and care that whoever sits in the makeup chair can relax and be comfortable despite what is going on around us. They can trust that in the short space of intimate time we have together, they’ll be transformed when they step out into the world. Whether that’s a high profile celebrity, a top model, or a bride on her wedding day, I will make them look great.  All these moments I’ve valued for the chance of helping someone feel great about who they are and how they want to look and feel.

Most of the time I work alone and my husband manages my work administration and appointments. On demand I can also arrange to work with my loyal teacher Shazia Khan and with hand-picked selection of makeup artists all experienced in Bridal, Asian Bridal, TV/Film and Fashion.